Disciple Bible Study


Disciple Bible Study has remained the number one choice for some of the most vibrant congregations in the world- transforming the lives of over 2 million participants!  Learn more about Disciple.

Disciple 1– Disciple 1 serves as the basis for all other studies in the Disciple Bible Study Family.  Over the course of 34 weeks, Disciples cover the Old and New testament, following the story from creation to the New Jerusalem.

Disciple 2– This 32 week study offers a deeper look at Genesis, Exodus, Luke & Acts emphasizing the rhythm of coming to God and going for God… approaching all experiences of life as opportunities for faithful witness and service.

Disciple 3- In the Old Testament Prophets and the Letters of Paul, this 32 week study examines the connection between the memory and identity as the people of God.  Participants will find common themes, including calls to remember, calls to repent, calls for renewal, and calls for community.

Disciple 4- The phrase “under the tree of life” conveys the promise of finding shelter, security and rest in God’s love.  In this 32 week study of the Old Testament Writings, the Gospel of John, the Epistles of John, James, Jude and finally Revelation, participants will see the entire proces of living toward final completion of rest and reward.