Our Leaders and Committees

The Session

The Session is responsible for oversight of the mission and government of our church. The Session consists of ordained elders who have been elected to office by the congregation. Session members serve one to three-year terms.

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The Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons is responsible for ministering to those in need of spiritual, emotional or practical care. Deacons are elected to one to three-year terms.

Contact the Deacons to let them know about a need for care.

Property Committee

This group works together to plans and coordinates all maintenance and enhancement of the UPC church building and grounds. The property reflects the devoted care provided by this group.

Christian Education Committee

The Christian Education Committee is responsible for all the Sunday morning and weekday educational programming, from the nursery through adult programs. In addition, this committee oversees Confirmation (offered for high schoolers), the Christmas pageant, Rally Day and VBS.

Congregational Fellowship Committee

This committee sponsors the many different fellowship opportunities that are present at UPC.

Mission Committee

The Mission Committee is charged with coordinating ongoing church mission activities, seeking out and evaluating new mission opportunities locally, nationally and globally, and educating and informing our congregation about these opportunities.

Worship Committee

This group is responsible for the week-to-week tasks that support our communal worship.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for providing oversight and continued development of the financial and spiritual gifts of the congregation.

Financial Oversight Committee

The Financial Oversight Committee manages the church’s financial resources.

Nominating Committee

The task of the Nominating Committee is to provide the congregation with nominations for the offices of Elder and Deacon, for Financial Officers, and for members of the nominating Committee itself.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is charged with administering the personnel policies of the congregation, conducting periodic performance reviews of the pastor and church staff members, making recommendations to Session regarding salary matters and making recommendations to Session concerning the hiring of church staff members.